How to select the Right Garden Statue?

How to find the best Garden Statue?

Selecting the right garden decor statues for your outdoor space is not that easy as it sounds. Because, when it comes to decorate your home and garden, there are thousands of options you have but selecting the right statue or sculpture for your home and gardens is a very interesting and mind boggling process.

Where Can I buy statues for my garden?

You can find a lot of garden statues, sculptures and other outdoor decorations for garden areas at Hi-Line Gift Ltd. The huge range of collection includes animal garden statues, angel statues, gnome statues and more.


Garden Statues by


You can decorate your homes, gardens, nurseries and much more with our superbly created statues and if you are looking for a handcrafted and truly unique statue, you are in luck because we have 1000s of SKUs related to home and garden statues.


Our online platform offers a carefully curated selection of outdoor garden decor that's guaranteed to add charm and character to even the most ho-hum of outdoor spaces.

Our creative and colorful Animal Statues collection is one of the best seller and perfect for any type of outdoor areas. For a sillier (and downright adorable) vibe, check out our collection of puppy and cat statues. From dog to cat to rabbit to bear, there's a wildlife statue collection for anyone who loves it.

What do garden statues add to my outdoor space?

Garden statues and other outdoor ornamentation add texture, character and charm to lawns and gardens all over the world. In Japan, minimalist stone statues are a common and attractive addition to Japanese rock gardens, also known as Zen Statues. This pieces contribute to the natural, calm and serene environment that's so valued in these outdoor oases.

In parts of Western Europe, classical, realistic stone statues are often found in classical gardens. These garden sculptures are elegant, splendid and an homage to Renaissance history.

In Switzerland, Germany and other countries, the garden gnome is a old-fashioned item found in everyday outdoor spaces. Once a symbol of the very well-to-do, the garden gnome has become a beloved symbol of fun in outdoor spaces throughout the United Stats.

In Canada, you will often find beautiful and creative puppy and dog statues in the front yards of their houses and in their living rooms. This is because the people of Canada love their pets and keep them in their hearts.

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